Based on the knowledge and art of our ancestors and has been bringing their experience to perfection for almost 130 years.


It all began with the permission to adapt the former Bauer’s sugar factory in Královo Pole on 26. September 1889. At that time, two visionaries, a gifted engineer Porges and his cousin August Lederer established a factory for metalworking and engineering production here. It was registered in the Brno Commercial Register under the name Brünn-Königsfelder Maschinenfabrik Lederer – Porges.

The production content was initially represented by the production of wagons, steam boilers, air compressors and tanks. In 1891, the production programme was enriched with equipment for the petroleum industry and woodworking machines, and gradually expanded to produce ladders, stairs, bridges, and cranes. The plant was renamed to Královopole Factory for Machines and Wagons (Královopolská továrna na stroje a vagony), which, after several subsequent mergers and changes, was nationalised in 1945.

The original production of wagons, woodworking machines, and light workshop cranes was replaced by the production of chemical equipment, water purification equipment, and all kinds of industrial filters. During privatisation in the mid-nineties, the name of the company was changed several times. Until 1992, the original name KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ STROJÍRNA, s. p., was changed to KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a. s., and since 1996, the initial foundry operation has been made independent under the name KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ SLÉVÁRNA, s. r. o.

Since the beginning of 1996, the independent KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ SLÉVÁRNA, s. r. o., has been directing its activities to the custom-made production for traditional high-alloy casting areas, as well as emerging segments, and consistently meets the most demanding requirements in the field of piece and small-scale production.


We continue in the history of the field, develop it, give shape, function, and sense to the pieces of steel from several kilograms to several tons. Thanks to our equipment and know-how, we are able to address customer requirements ranging from common products to special projects. We produce steel castings and centrifugally cast tubes from a wide range of materials for the most demanding operations.

We live with steel, we understand it, and our possibilities do not end with casting. We not only produce coarse steel castings, but we also supply machined parts according to the project specifications of our customers. Quality, a personal approach and your wishes embody the law for us.



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Czech Republic

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