Shipping Industry and Offshore

The foundry is a traditional and long-term supplier of ship’s parts certified by renowned customers such as Rolls-Royce, for which castings from Brno are a guarantee of quality. Products of the type of ropes, steering components, winches, and port devices with our logo are located in ships and ports all over the world, which we supply exactly according to the customer’s requirements and production specifications.


Heat Processes

Castings from fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials have been produced since the last century and, as one of the few in Europe, we can be truly proud of this part of the production programme. Thanks to their specific properties, they are used especially in the production of radiant tubes and castings of the parts of furnace devices, such as holders, supports, tubes, etc.


Mechanical Engineering

General mechanical engineering is historically one of the strongest industries within Czech industry. Castings from KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ SLÉVÁRNA, s. r. o., are an integral part of all modern machine tools. You can find swings, portals, rotary tables, and various stands of all shapes and sizes in most CNC centres of prestigious Czech manufacturers, such as TOS Varnsdorf, a. s.


Mining Industry

The years of experience in the production of castings not only from abrasion-resistant materials, but also based on special standards, predetermine these products into the most demanding operating conditions with which all customers have very good experience. The unparalleled quality of mining crushers, mills, and excavators ensures long-term and seamless use that saves their end consumers not only time and money, but also the environment that we care about.


Energy Sector

Turbine cases, valves, blade carriers, and many other parts of various energetic devices have worked reliably for several decades not only in all nuclear power stations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other European countries, but also in Scandinavian wind and tidal power plants. The products of KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ SLÉVÁRNA, s. r. o., are an integral part of many water and stream power plants, which, thanks to their quality and product qualification, are the best in meeting the demanding safety standards in Europe.


Pumps and Valves

An essential part of every industrial pump are the high-quality blades, special spirals, aggressive fluid plugs, partitions, and other parts, without which no large volume pump can function. Our castings can be found in the products of prestigious pump suppliers that desalinate seawater, pump oil, irrigate deserts, save lives during floods, and make the lives of citizens of large cities living near fountains more enjoyable.


Rubber Industry

For rubber and natural rubber processors, we produce special moulds for tyre pressing and other required components. Castings of KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ SLÉVÁRNA, s. r. o., also contribute to the quality and safety of transport.


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